Pictured is the same side of the stone showing the Orion figure.  I have turned the stone so that the bison effigy is right side up.  I think that part of the reason the stone has a modified, identifiable shape (bison) is to give the stone orientation.  The stone is trying to tell a story -- with orientation, we know which way to view it, and best interpret the story.

Having said that, when "the bison" is viewed with proper orientation, Orion (left side of stone) appears in it's "upside down" position.   As anybody that knows a bit about the skies and astronomy can tell you, Orion and all other constellations rotate with time. 

So one might say that when Orion was in this particular position, something happened.

I believe what happened was there was a sighting of a comet -- pictured on the right side of the stone.  The comet was seen in the sky, traveling from right to left, towards the contellation Orion.

Of interest right now might be to see how the ancient Chinese doumented comets, on the NASA website.
Scroll down to: The Mawangdui silk, a 'textbook' of cometary forms and the various disasters associated with them, was compiled sometime around 300 B.C. 

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