As is most of the petroglyphs within the cave, the engraved figures are frequently layered.  Often, the natural contour of the stone is utilized to create a sense of "3 dimensional life".

This panel contains such numerous individual man-made engravings, it is impossible for this investigator to even begin to count them all in the last ten years.  At least not with the equipment available.

Briefly, we have here a panel containing many animal figures -- from relatively large in size, to very small.  One of the larger figures appears to be that of horse head and neck in profile, located roughly in the center of this image, facing left.
There may be at least one human figure. 
There are many symbols, notably several diamond/rhombus, and "Y" and "V" -like shapes, among many others.  I've already talked about some of this same symbolism on this website, and this topic will come up again.
Although I'm calling this a petroglyph, it is important to consider there are eroded pigments on this panel.

It seems these figures -- representing Nature itself, are all watching /witnessing an event.  This is an ancient work of profound import.

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