It would be my humble opinion that there is a vast amount of evidence that is being underestimated by the majority of folks who study our history.  I'm referring to rock art -- a rather cover-all description of the many types of petroglyphs, pictographs, geoglyphs, modified stone and such that can be found all across this planet. 

I do not make that statement spitting daggers and flames towards the professional community.  In fact, the main purpose of this work is to try and contribute...even one bit to the sciences that study our past.  Additionally, part of my aim is to save an ancient site or two.  I've watched civilization creep closer every year.

As you navigate this site, you'll notice that I'll be offering some of my personal interpretations on some of this rock art.  I suspect some people will be quite offended that I dare do such a thing.  I understand that concern.  If I wanted to offer simply a "picture book" of images, I would save a whole lot of time and work and just upload the pics to one of the many free picture hosting services on the web.  Let's be clear:  When I offer my interpretations, I am not claiming anything more than my opinion, based upon careful study; in some cases, a number of years worth. 

I am not a "professional rock art reader."  But then again, that brings up a couple of interesting points.  Such as: where does rock art fit into science?   Does it fit at all?  Where/who are the professionals in this arena?

Unless otherwise noted, all that is contained on this website came from a single site.  In my opinion, just about all of what I show is what most people would call "religious" in nature, or "about ritual".  Having said that, let me fast forward and get to a point that took me years to arrive at:  We're looking at an ancient ritual site where the entire religious spectrum could be accessed.  What I mean is, one could connect with the sky, the netherworld, and the middle world -- all in one location.  This "three world" concept I mention is a greatly generalized and alternatively abbreviated  description of some ancient belief systems.

So we're talking about some pretty big stuff.  It's taken years for me to get this far, and it may take me the rest of my life to get close to finishing this website, so give me a break.  This website will always be under construction.  Come back again and again for updates.  Enjoy...

I'm open for guest opinions, editorials & discussion to be published on this website.  Contact me by email with your thoughts, and include your vital information (name, phone number, etc.) 




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